My name is Kim Doeleman (25) and currently based in Amsterdam as a Freelance Dancer, Teacher and Photographer.  I've always been driven to explore my creativity and freedom in movement, teaching and capturing moments. After graduating with a Bachelor of Dance, I became a freelancer in the creative industry. Focussing on pursuing a career as a dancer, teacher and photographer is a tough cookie, but rewarding. Being both a dancer and teacher opens opportunity to give and receive in both ways. What I've been able to learn throughout the years of building my own foundation of technique's and artistic practice is what I want to pass on and share with other movers of all ages and levels. As a teacher I've learned to search for different ways of approaching the body and the need to often go back to the simplicity and origin of movement. Teaching brought me new perspectives on how I, as a dancer, stand in class, rehearsal or even on stage. The parallel work of teaching and dancing is a broadening exploration and ongoing discovery.

On the other side of the physicality in movement is the capturing and sharing in still frames with photography. Photography has slowly grew into another important part of me. It has always been there next to and interwoven with my artistic practice and so I’ve been able to develop my own unique style.  As a photographer I have the privilege to understand the movement of the body and to use my knowledge to  create unique, organic and different photography. It's about being in the right time, right moment and feeling the flow of movement.